The method of payment is by secure channel with SSL cryptography using 128 bit certification. Credit card acceptance occurs directly at the virtual bank counter, which checks the validity and availability of the amount due in real time. This system allows for maximum protection of the privacy of your data. The accepted Credit cards are listed on the Home Page, and may vary.
Tickets have a net price, to which the so-called "" advanced-sales rights "" are added (by the organizer of the event), as well as eventual surcharges for additional services - for instance, for internet or telephone bookings (by the distribution agency, e.g. BOXOL.IT).
The prices given in our price lists always include both the advance-sales rights and commission for the service, and these are always specified (in the figure following the + sign).
After inserting the credit card number at the virtual bank counter, wait for confirmation of the transaction. If the booking has been accepted, you will normally receive confirmation within 36 hours , sent by e-mail to the address specified on your order form. With this confirmation and an identity document the ticket can be collected at the ticket office, before entry to the event, or at another place indicated on booking.
The virtual bank counter may signal various types of error message.
Please double check that:
a - the card is valid
b - you have not overdrawn your available monthly purchasing budget
c - the card is among those accepted by the system (listed on the site home page)

Communication errors between the computer used by the client and the bank server may occur; in this case we advise the client to wait and try to make a new order later. Any order that is incomplete is considered void, and no amount will be debited.
We advise you to send us an e-mail to indicate the problem. In some cases it may be enough to provide the code of purchase and the other eventual data (numbered seats etc...) and present this to the ticket office (or other indicated place) with an identity document.
The collection of tickets purchased with delivery at the event can be made only on the day of the event, generally at the event box office where a special desk marked "internet bookings" or similar sign is made available. In general the ticket office opens:
- for Theatres: around 1 hour before the performance.
- for large pop concerts: at least 2 hours before the performance. In the case of events involving a large number of spectators, the boxoffice may open several hours earlier.
Tickets are delivered only if this is indicated beside the event description. Home delivery is generally made by express mail, or by other delivery services offering similar guarantees. You are not recommended to select home delivery (even if available) less than 10 days before the event takes place. Tickets are sent so that they will be delivered at least three days in advance of the date of the event. If you have not received your tickets within 48 hours of the event, please contact us as soon as possible. To obtain information about your booking, contact us via e-mail .
There are three possibilities:

a) the booking was not completed correctly.
b) Your booking was not accepted because it was not confirmed by a bank transaction.
c) The e-mail address given to BOXOL.IT is wrong or not working properly.

In any case we advise you to write to us for information.
The booking is in a specific name, so this is NOT possible. This is in order to guarantee the safety of your order and of the payment you have made. BOXOL.IT will try to do what it can at the place of collection, but cannot guarantee any such eventuality.
You have a right to ask the organizer of the event to refund the amount of the ticket. The law provides for the reimbursement of the amount of the face value of the ticket, excluding agency and commission rights. If a performance is rescheduled, ticket holders will be offered tickets to the rescheduled performance.
Credit card companies usually take a few weeks to credit your account. If you have any further questions, please contact your bank directly.
On the basis of the number of seats already booked, seats will be chosen, within the selected sector, on the basis of the "best seat" criterion, or the best grouping of available seats. It is possible that, in some places (e.g. theatres) , seats are divided into all odd or all even sectors.
e.g. Seat 13 Row P and Seat 15 Row P, could be next to each other.
Generally, if adjoining seats are not available, our service warns Clients via e-mail within reasonable time.
On-line payment is only by credit card. In this case you need to contact a sales outlet.
It is not possible to correct already confirmed data and bookings. Therefore a new booking must be made for additional tickets, and this will not guarantee seats close to those of the first booking.
As indicated above, it is not possible to modify the data of already confirmed bookings.
According to the limitations established by the Organizer of the event, some categories of spectators can acquire tickets with a reduced rate.
The reduced tickets are valid for the admission only if the holder meets the characteristics established by the Organizer for that category of reduction.
Even if such characteristics can be declared and validated during the online sale process (ie: fidelity card number, date of birth, etc) the holder is responsable to exhibit at the entrance what is needed to verify his right to access with the reduced rate ticket.
Some events, for those who are entitled, provide the possibility of purchasing online at with the Bonus of the Ministries of Culture and Education.
To purchase with Bonus it is necessary:
- select the event and the ticket of interest on the 
(Please note: it is possible to purchase ONLY 1 ticket per event as indicated in the terms of service of CARTE CULTURA e CARTA del DOCENTE)
- generate on each reference system a voucher of the value corresponding to the ticket, choosing the type of ESERCENTE ONLINE and the type of good to be purchased
- enter the voucher code on and proceed with the purchase
If a voucher is generated per physical merchant, it is not valid online. It will have to be cancelled and generated again by choosing the type ESERCENTE ONLINE.


The categories for which it is possible to purchase are:
Theatre and film performances and live shows, museums, exhibitions and cultural events, monuments, galleries, archaeological areas, nature parks.
Vouchers must be generated, managed and spent in accordance with the instructions available on the official platforms and
If an event is moved or cancelled, the ticket purchased with Bonus cannot be refunded, as stipulated in the conditions of use. It can only be exchanged for one or more vouchers of equal value, by the Organiser.